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Ambassador View: How to keep track of achievements

I’m Nadira, an Uptree Ambassador currently doing a degree in English at Brunel University. If you are someone with a lot of awards, fewer awards or you are here for fun, come on board as I deliver the top 3 ways you can utilise your past endeavours in a way that will guarantee you future success.

You might be sitting here today looking to apply for something like a part-time job, Sixth Form place, university spot or internship. You’ve done all the other parts of the application form, the grades, the experience, the contact details.

All of a sudden, it’s time to write about your achievements... what?? Achievements? You’ve had a mild brain freeze as you quickly rack over your brain for all the achievements you’ve ever done in your life and you start to wonder - which ones shall I pick?

Perhaps you winning second prize in a poetry contest isn’t an award you think you can use when applying for a science degree as poetry isn’t remotely STEM.

Or, shock horror, you can’t even remember half the so-called achievements you’ve done, or when you’ve done them.

Well, if you’ve had all those queries and more, you have come to the right blog post! I will solve your awards issue!

Paper is King

Paper achievements

The first step to keep track of all your awards is to keep the actual certificates!

This is something perhaps your mum might be keener on but trust me, they are actually a lifesaver. It might become very useful to you on multiple occasions, especially if you get asked for proof that you did actually come third in the Jack Petchey awards of 2017. Another bonus point will be you will remember when you did it as well.  

LinkedIn is a girl’s best friend


Sorry Marilyn Monroe but diamonds cannot simply compare to the joys and simplicity of LinkedIn. If keeping physical copies of your achievements isn’t your thing because you want to be more eco-friendly, then make a copy of it on LinkedIn! If you haven’t created a LinkedIn account, I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to make it. Think of it as your own portable CV that you can edit and curate to your heart’s desires.

It is also something that can instantaneously be edited whenever you like as it isn’t limited by space the way a CV is.

It’s not feasible to put in 20 different internships or achievements on your CV but with LinkedIn, the sky’s the limit...

It seriously is - I think a pdf version of my LinkedIn is about 6 pages long! Put everything you ever did on your LinkedIn and I mean everything. You never know if someone might stumble across your LinkedIn and think of you as their perfect potential match. 

Sell yourself!

Sell yourself

Another thing to remember is when it comes to your successes, make sure you truly sell yourself properly! It’s a competitive world out there and many people have the exact same high grades and excellent teacher references.

Your awards and fruits of success might be the difference between you getting a place or someone else

Don’t be scared to put in your award for drama in your personal statement for a place at a Sixth Form to study physics A-Level. It demonstrates your interest outside of your subject and academia, that you are a well-rounded person and your multidisciplinary skills. All of these are key traits universities, Sixth Forms and employers are all looking for in today’s highly competitive environment. 

To conclude – keep the certificates, update your LinkedIn with your achievements, sell yourself on your application form and put everything down on paper that you think will portray you as a figure of excellence! With all of these under your belt, you’re a shoo-in practically.

By Uptree Ambassador
Published on: Thu 4 Feb 2021

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