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An immersive CPD session: learning about online workshops

No awkward ice breakers, no suits and no stale biscuits... CPD sessions suddenly don't seem so bad when you can just log on and learn from the comfort of your own home!

The Uptree Education Team was delighted to welcome school colleagues from across the country last week when we ran two online CPD sessions.

The sessions gave an immersive insight into how Uptree online workshops support students in developing their skills, careers knowledge and aspirations.


15 teachers & careers advisors joined us over the two sessions

In the first 10 minutes, we 'taught' our adult professionals as if they were students so they were able to experience using Zoom breakout rooms for discussion, voting with the poll function and emojis, as well as a seeing how content such as videos are shown.


Colleagues using the poll voting function to show their roles in school

As explained in a recent blog, we have re-designed our workshops to be as interactive as possible so that students are active participants in the learning experience rather than just sitting with cameras switched off, half-listening to a presenter.

The testimonials from students that we shared with our CPD group highlighted this impact:

Student testimonials

The rest of the short CPD meeting covered some of the skills we teach (eg. the STAR technique, interview practice, motivation statements) and, of course, covered some of the work experience opportunities in which students can take part.


Example of IBM content used to educate students on the company/industry before a work experience day

Note that the colleagues above all got the first question about IBM wrong (!) which was a great way to highlight how we use the workshops to help students learn without embarrassment (all voting is anonymous).

At the end of the session, there was a Q&A session which covered key questions about our school partnership programme, work experience opportunities and safeguarding. After the CPD course, 88% of the attendees booked in workshops for the students and we are looking forward to meeting their classes in June/July.

If you would like to book in a workshop/assembly for the new academic year, please see info at the end.

Whole-class school workshop options are:

  • STEM

  • Law

  • Business & finance

  • Careers in the NHS

  • Professional services

  • Marketing

  • General employability

Thank you as always to the dedicated members of staff who have been working tirelessly to support students during the COVID-19 situation and who made the time to learn more about our school support programmes.

Welcome to Uptree

If you would like to attend a free CPD session, book a student workshop or receive more information about our free School Partnership Programme 2020/21, please contact the Education Team via email, or by telephoning us, +44 7395 795524