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Self development while social distancing

School’s out! Exams are off... but it’s not the summer holiday many might have hoped for. 

Whilst physical work experience events have been cancelled, employers are still looking for new talent for the future. With extra time on your hands due to government restrictions, why not spend it developing your skills and enhancing your career opportunities.

Here are 4 ideas and some #TopTips from us to help you through this period.

1. Support family working from home 

As many people have moved to working remotely, it might be that you now have an office at your fingertips - if someone in your family is working from home, don’t be afraid to ask if you can help.

home office

If you’re worried they’ll say no, come prepared with some ideas of what you could do and a motivation statement of why you want to help. It might bring them round. Yes, it might not be the career of your dreams but all experience is good experience and can be used on your CV or examples at interviews.

How you could help: handle incoming phone calls, proof-read documents or emails, make tea

2. Get involved with some remote volunteering

Did you think volunteering was just sorting through unwanted clothes at your local charity shop? Think again. Lots of online communities are volunteer run and need people to help manage their website, content and social media.


Think about the activities you usually (or used to) take part in - whether that’s a sports team, youth group or something else. Get in touch with a leader there and see how you could help. Of course, this might have to wait until the house isolation ban is lifted.

How you could help: writing blogs about a hobby or interest you have for their website.

3. Update your LinkedIn profile

Now more than ever we need to remain connected. Take some time to have a look at your LinkedIn Profile. Is all your experience on there? Is your Headline still relevant? Take the time to write personalised messages to people you’ve connected with in the past. You can always ask them if there’s any way you can support them remotely - they’re sure to remember you in the future!

4. Get involved with #UptreeOnline

Just because schools are closed, it doesn’t mean that Uptree is too. We are proud to be working with dynamic and exciting companies who are working with us to innovate our work experience days: developing digital opportunities you can access from your home. 

You can take part in online workshops over the next few weeks, from STEM and marketing, to law, business and professional services: sign up here.

Check out the Uptree EVENTS PAGE to see what opportunities are coming up. 

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LOGO Bubble Nov 2019

Top tips for working from your home.

You might be at home, but you’re at work too. Take the time to dress as you would for an office (although slippers are allowed), so you feel in the right mind-set. At the end of the work day, you’ll feel the difference when you get changed.


Find a dedicated ‘work space’. This might be the kitchen table, a desk in the sitting room or your bedroom. When your family see you there, they know you’re working and not to disturb you. Again, it will also help you set boundaries when you ‘leave the office’.

Set your limits. It’s not good to be in a chair in front of a screen all day. Give yourself time to walk around the room, make a cup of tea and talk to a friend. Once your day is over, shut down all your work systems. Give yourself a big screen break if you need to be back online for something else.

Remember to follow the government guidelines during this time to protect yourself and others: