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Student events offered by Uptree

One of our main aims at Uptree is to provide students with the opportunity to meet professionals face to face and receive industry specific careers information. This will enable students to make more informed choices about what they would like to do post-school, as well as help them gain connections to build up their professional network.

We run industry-specific events with our partner companies to show students a taste of what the industry is like and give them the opportunity to network with professionals. These range from work experience days, application masterclasses and webinars. Each of these have their own unique spin, which will be discussed below.

Group engineering

Work experience days

Work experience days are tailored around a specific company to give students an oversight of a particular industry. They usually run from 10am – 3pm and will have 30-50 students in attendance from different schools. This makes for a great opportunity for students to network with like-minded individuals within their age group.

The work experience days are mostly held in the company’s offices and often include a tour to really show what the work environment is like. Students will arrive on the day and be met by a member of the Uptree team who will sign them in. We are on hand at all of our events in order to support the students.

As each work experience day is tailored to a particular company, each one will look a little bit different. However, they all usually include similar elements. An example agenda may look like this:

·  Student arrival

·  Welcome presentation and outline for day

·  Company and industry overview

·  Industry specific inspirational speaker

·  Apprentice and graduate panel

·  Lunch (provided)

·  Speed networking with professionals

·  Employability workshop

·  Final presentation and close

Work experience days are a great way for students to get a general overview of the company and the industry they are interested in, as well as having the opportunity to network with professionals and ask all of their burning questions. This will help them to make more informed decisions about what they would like to do in the future. It is also something unique they can put on their CV!

Application Masterclasses

Application masterclasses are more focused on a company’s particular application process. They usually run for half a day, either in the morning or the afternoon and will have 15-25 students in attendance. These are really useful for students who are looking to apply for a position at the company, particularly if they are looking to apply for an apprenticeship or degree apprenticeship.

Like the work experience days, these are usually held in the company’s offices and students will be met by a member of the Uptree team. They will generally look at an overview of the application process, tips and tricks for applications in general and workshops dedicated to parts of the application process (for example a CV or assessment centre workshop).

If students are considering applying for a position at the company, this is a really great way to get specific, catered information to make sure that their applications are the best they can be. Students can find out exactly how the company wants them to fill out their applications and what they are specifically looking for. They can also mention on their application or CV that they attended this application masterclass to show their dedication to the company and their career prospects.



Webinars are a great opportunity for students to receive industry specific information from professionals… without the need for travel! These usually run between 1-2 hours and cover a more general overview of a company and the industry as well as some aspect of a Q&A so that students don’t miss out on networking opportunities.

This is an excellent way for students to gain all of the information that they need in a smaller amount of time whilst also allowing students to ask questions to professionals in the industry. This is especially useful during exam season when giving up a full day of school may not be possible for them. 

At Uptree we are committed to supporting your students reach their full potential and helping them gain experiences in the world of work. All of our events provide students the opportunity to network with professionals and find out industry specific information that will help them on their employment journey. 

Students can visit to see all of the exciting events we have coming up.