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Student View: A marketing panel with Ogilvy

Hannah is an aspiring digital marketer who finished Year 13 this year. She was one of just 60 students who attended Ogilvy's marketing panel online and here Hannah shares her experience of the event.


Hannah received her DofE Gold award, completed the NCS programme and did a digital work experience placement all whilst she was still at school!

How did you prepare for the Ogilvy event?

I researched Ogilvy and created a list of questions which I could ask the professionals who work there. This gave me a better insight on the company and helped me to think about what I might want to do in the future in a marketing career

How did you find the panel talk event?

I found it easy and straightforward to join the Zoom link to take part in the event which was emailed to every participant a few days before it happened. 

At first when I heard about the event being online and on a Zoom call I was worried the event wasn’t going to be interactive and engaging but I was wrong.


It was convenient and great as you could type your answers and get live responses from the professionals while sitting in the comfort of your home and also watch clips that had been inserted in for us to watch which were really interesting.

What stood out for you about the Ogilvy panel?

I learnt that there are so many different career roles you can go into in a marketing career, from things such as project management to branding and design. I also learnt that there are many ways that you can get into a marketing career apart from a degree, such as through an internship, or an apprenticeship.


Hannah found it interesting listening to the speakers' stories

A highlight was learning about how the panelists found their career in Ogilvy: how they got there and their tips and advice about what young people today can do to get into a marketing/creative career. 

Finally, what is your biggest takeaway from the event?

From the event I learnt that it is important to research and learn as much as you can about the career you want to go into e.g. read books such as Jon Steel: Truth, Lies and Advertising and blogs about marketing as they will give you great insight and knowledge about a marketing career.

I have also learnt that it is important to never give up when trying to achieve your dream career because if you try hard enough and stay motivated you will get there and end up where you wanted to be.

Thanks to Hannah who is clearly a proactive, motivated student - we are sure she will achieve her creative dreams and we wish her all the best.