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Student View: A work experience day with Arm

Danyaal is a student from the Ada National College for Digital Skills. Danyaal with an interest in the technology industry. He has taken part in notable competitions - such as the Salesforce Challenge & The Bank of America Challenge - and recently built his own computer game using p5.js (JavaScript).

Danyaal was one of only 39 students who attended the Arm Cambridge work experience day (online) and here he shares his experience of the event for others similarly interested in a career in STEM.

Screenshot of Arm work experience day (online)

Danyaal and other students taking part in the virtual Arm work experience event

How did you prepare for the Arm work experience event?

I made sure to do ample amount of research before attending the event as I wanted to know as much about Arm as possible to get the most value whilst attending. Prior to attending, I knew about the different areas such as Computer Science to Electrical Engineering where ARM technologies are used. Some of this knowledge I gained through attending workshops at universities like King's College London and Queen Mary University of London. 

Good is the new cool

Learning about how Arm focuses on using its technology to do 'good' in society

How was the event ?

Whilst on call, I was able to fully interact with other like-minded individuals keen to do STEM-related careers. In addition, being able to interact with employees at Arm about projects they do as well as what kind of skills are learnt at Arm all made it a very useful session.

The Global Goals

Anna from Arm explaining how colleagues working to meet the Global Goals

What was the most interesting thing that you learnt?

I guess when I found out that BBC Micro:bits was manufactured by ARM technologies! I was surprised since I had previously used it to teach primary school children at school.


Whilst attending the event, I found it useful to hear about other students’ backgrounds. This helped me to network with the right people and develop a pool of connections. I believe Uptree provided me with a fantastic opportunity as I got a lot of value, knowledge and skill from the session. 

Uptree thanks Danyaal for taking the time to share his experience of the Arm work experience day and we're very happy to hear how much value he took from it. We wish Danyaal all the best for his future and tech career.


Danyaal studies Computer Science and is on track for a double distinction