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Student View: A work experience day with Dentons (law)

Georgi is a talented Year 13 student with a keen interest in the legal sector, currently studying A-level law, history and English Literature.

Having been selected from 438 applicants, Georgi attended a Dentons' work experience day at the start of term and has since applied for their highly-acclaimed solicitor apprenticeship scheme.

Georgi law uptree dentons

Georgi answering visitor queries about A-level law at his college's open day

So, introduce us to Dentons, Georgi!

Dentons LLP serves as a polycentric ambassador for intercontinental legal relations with its 10,500+ employees and global presence in 193 offices around 77 countries. This elevates the company to the top of the global leader boards by staff numbers and places the firm 5th by profits in the entire planet!

Reaching the legal world’s ceiling is a long-life dream for all aspiring professionals in this industry. So it is mine, also.

How did you prepare for this event? 

My preparation for this event included a meticulous research of the company’s practice areas, with each one being supported by at least 2 links to major cases of the relevant department's work.

It’s also a very good idea to look at the key figures - such as Directors, Senior Associates and Partners - of each department so as to get a better understanding of their operational efficiency and strategy.

It really helped that I had read about Dentons’ recent news, events, history and recognition, as well as the firm’s values, which were remarkably similar to mine.

For convenience purposes, I had all my materials printed out and colour-coded so that I could quickly detect key facts and points about Dentons.

Doing research beforehand is vital as you will be able to prepare acute questions to ask the professionals you meet on the day.

And finally – check your email as any materials could be sent in advance - we received a case study for our session.

What stood out to you about Dentons on the day?

I was most surprised by Dentons’ nourishment of inquisitiveness amongst the participants. This was achieved through answering an avalanche of questions and networking with HR consultants and current trainees from unique backgrounds in a culturally and ethnically diversified environment.

Georgi at event dentons uptree

Georgi (middle left) at the Dentons event during the practice areas overview

Dentons’ annual world expansion is solid premise for fostering even stronger international bonds and a swift adaptation to the nuances of the different regional cultures.

Apart from that, Dentons intrigued me with its social ties and the varied pro-bono work it carries yearly – in 2019 the firm devoted 105,000 hours worldwide (4375 full days!) to those in most need, which speaks for itself how the company respects and cares for everyone benefitting from its services. 

Global coverage dentons uptree

Dentons' global coverage

Do you have any advice for students like you?

My advice to you would be to start your research at least a year (or even two!) in advance so as to find the most appropriate events for you.

Tailor each and every application to the company you’re applying to, weaving a great deal of caution, precision and ambition whilst doing so.


Georgi in a TV interview in Bulgaria (2019) discussing science and the world crisis

If you are struggling at the beginning, Uptree is the perfect place to commence your preparation of entering any career – simply check out their portal and dive into the first steps of your chosen career path.

Lastly, keep the following at the back of your mind: companies will not often come and look for you – you are the one, who must seek the opportunities and demonstrate an abundance of hard work and motivation to succeed in your applications. Best of luck! 

Law award Georgi dentons uptree

Georigi after a win in the Bar Mock Trial Competition (regional level) at the Norwich Crown Court (October 2019)

Uptree thanks Georgi for his insightful and helpful overview of the work experience event he attended and we wish him all the best in his future career; we know he'll go far!