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Student view: A work experience day with Ogilvy

Ogilvy has been producing iconic, culture-changing marketing campaigns since the day its founder David Ogilvy opened in 1948 - you can view many of their amazing brand campaigns here:

Today, Ogilvy is an award-winning, creative network that makes brands matter for Fortune Global 500 companies as well as local businesses across 132 offices in 83 countries.

On 3rd March, Eva Preskey and 30 other students visited Ogilvy's London offices on the Thames for a creative work experience day exploring careers in marketing and advertising.

Ogilvy group shot

Eva is hidden in the middle of the group!

Tell us about the day at Ogilvy

The day was was an amazing opportunity for me to get involved with new people who are looking for work in the similar field of creative industry. One of the most amazing realisations that I came to was the fact that anyone could work at Ogilvy as it has places for everyone - if you are interested in accountancy or business, you are still welcome to the company.

Eva group discussion

The office was incredible - it is dog friendly and spacious which made the day better and comfortable. Lunch was provided and so were many delicious snacks to keep us all fed and engaged. Furthermore, there was a great opportunity to implement some of the skills we were told about in a practical activity.

What industry activities did you do on the day?

In groups we designed a poster for Vodafone Unlimited Data campaign and presented it to a jury - I learned many transferable skills such as working under time pressure, being able to communicate ideas and expand on them with a new group of individuals that you haven’t yet met properly.

Ogilvy presentations

Overall, I would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in media, HR, business or advertisement. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet great people and the workers and to ask questions about career paths to the creative industry. 

How did you prepare for the work experience day?

To prepare for the day, I brought a few questions that I wrote on my notes - questions such as,

  • “Was advertisement your original career choice or did you come to it over time?”

  • “What is the key advice that you can give me if I want to work at Ogilvy?”

These questions helped me engage with the company’s employees. It felt amazing to be able to open up and ask these questions and it gave me some ideas that will help me with university choices. In all honestly, it was the best insight day that I have ever attended as it was well-organised and very interactive. 

What advice would you give students with similar interests?

Take any opportunity that presents itself - right now you have the time to explore career paths by doing work experience and insight days. It’s all up to you and how you manage your time effectively to accomplish your future goals.

Uptree thanks Eva for her insights and we wish her all the best in her future career path. If you would like to see what work experience days are coming up in your area, visit your Uptree account or click here. For more information on Ogilvy, visit their page: