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Student View: Being an Uptree student

Amandeep is a proactive Year 12 student with a keen interest in the world of finance, economics and business. He recently co-founded Spurt, an 'online platform that is working towards reducing global barriers to business', which he fully coded himself. As Amandeep is brilliant at making professional connections, we asked him to share his Uptree experience with you!

How did you hear about Uptree?

I found Uptree via an independent Google search and uncovered the wonder, experience and wisdom of this amazing organisation and platform!

My passions in life have long been characterised by an incessant desire to ‘learn more’ and ultimately ‘be more’. My experiences with Uptree have tremendously helped me in furthering my development in such a way.


Which Uptree events have you attended?

After discovering Uptree, I immediately applied to all events that sprung out to me as potential opportunities to explore a career path I could one day see myself in. I saw my application to each event as a chance to explore the different organisations on offer by Uptree, as well as a chance explore 'myself’ and my own ideas about my future.

My most recent work experience events have been PwC in Birmingham, UBS in Broadgate and KPMG in Canary Wharf; as well as several online events at Clifford Chance, IBM and Arm.

Amandeep at UBS

Amandeep at the UBS work experience day (hidden on the right hand side!)

Each experience has allowed my to explore the nuances of my aspirations with much more depth and has empowered me to now hold a more complete understanding of my aspirations.

How did you prepare for these events?

As I’m sure many aspirants into the professional world have heard a few times too many: preparation is key - and I cannot express the importance of this cliché but fundamentally true phrase!

Prior to each event, I carried out modest but informing research into each firm by:

  1. Exploring the functions, areas and specialisms of each company

  2. Looking into the culture and attitude of each organisation.

Dream big

Not only did this allow me to enter the event with a much more informed approach, but it empowered me to ask questions that truly were able to change and develop my perspective on the firm and its operations

What did you learn at these events?

My experiences with Uptree have been nothing short of ‘enlightening' in every sense of the word!

I have undertaken personal development and learnt about the inner-workings of firms in a very exclusive sense, as well as meeting and networking with some phenomenal talent and influential individuals.

I was able to completely change my outlook on several industries and ultimately enrich myself in ways I’d never been able to before - this is the impact of Uptree!

What has been a highlight of being part of Uptree?

One of the most empowering elements of Uptree’s programmes was the ability to network and establish connections with some of the most impactful, engaging and powerful individuals in leading industries and beyond.

There is no doubt that one of the most notable of these individuals that I had come across was Herman Stewart: a momentous author, mentor and businessman - whom I met at PwC and have since been keeping in touch with.

Amandeep with Herman Stewart

Amandeep with Herman Stewart who inspired him by saying, 'I am convinced you are one of the great ones!'

Herman's impactful speech at PwC was the sort of talk that inspires one to change:

Accept that failure is not only a companion of our development but an intrinsic component of it; opportunity can arise out of crisis.

I believe that Herman catalysed reform within the hearts of all students, workers and staff at the PwC event. Every student I spoke with at the event had their own unique taking from Herman's extraordinary input at the programme.

For this I am eternally grateful and have personally taken it upon myself to fulfil the duty to pass this on - soul by soul - making an impact on others, as Herman has so generously made upon me and the rest of the cohort at the PwC event!

Do you have any advice for students in a similar situation to you?

I shall stress the importance of one core principle: be curious!

Let a drive and hunger to want, learn and be more’ guide your way to your deepest desires and most astounding aspirations. Uptree is much more than a platform for work experience, but rather, a gift, tool and friend to those who want to 'be greater' and 'think bigger’.

Transform your attitudes towards your career aspirations from those that view work experience as a chore to seeing work experience as a privilege and honour. I often think that I will forever be indebted to Uptree for the sheer help that they have offered me.

We thank Amandeep for his motivational words about his Uptree experience and wish him all the best in his future endeavours - with passion like his, we are sure he will go far in life!