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Student view: Business & Finance employability workshop (online)

Since lockdown, Uptree has been delivering a range of Careers Workshops online via Zoom, with students independently registering from across the country.

One of the most popular sessions is our Careers in Business & Finance Workshop. Joely from the Streatham and Clapham High School has kindly shared her experiences with us so YOU know what to expect!

How did you hear Uptree?

I recently found out about Uptree through a friend, who has been using this great platform for a while. I think all students should definitely sign up, since there are so many opportunities at such a large variety of firms. This workshop was the first Uptree event I attended, but I’m looking forward to joining the Deloitte Tech and Consulting Work Experience Day later this week!

How did you find technology for the session (Zoom)?

It was very easy to get the technology to work – both the video and sound quality were great, and the breakout rooms worked smoothly as well.

How did you find the session?

The direct company insights about JP Morgan, PwC and UBS were the most interesting to me, as the videos included employees’ personal views about why they enjoyed working at that specific firm. Not only did I enjoy exploring the firms’ cultures in more depth, but I also found the interview questions very useful as many were provided by the firms directly.

JPM workshop

Joely (bottom right) and others learning about J.P. Morgan's company culture

I definitely enjoyed participating in the interactive quizzes on current industry knowledge, company mission statements and their key business figures. It was also fun to practise answering interview questions with each other in (virtual) groups, giving each other feedback and improving our technique.

Do you have any advice for other students like you in lockdown?

With the current coronavirus situation, it’s even more important to find new ways of learning as much as possible. Being proactive is what really demonstrates your drive and motivation – so don’t just wait for an opportunity, but create opportunities for yourself.

Ask questions, and try as many different things as possible. It’s also great to talk to people in the industries you’re interested in, showing a thirst for learning and that you’re willing to add value wherever possible.


Joely is the founder of Pioneer, a website focused on supporting girls in maths

Uptree thanks Joely for taking the time to share her experience with us and we are certain that she will continue to create great impact in the business world.

  • Students, to register for an online Careers Workshop, visit our Learning Hub.

  • Schools, if you would like to book a whole-class workshop, please email with your school name, year group (Year 12/13/S5/S6), topic and proposed time & date.