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Student View: A finance & technology work experience day with J.P. Morgan

Last term, Year 12 student Sumayya was chosen from 735 applicants to attend J.P. Morgan's virtual work experience day which focused on finance and technology. An academic student, Sumayya was especially drawn to meet J.P. Morgan given their business ethics and values.

Here, she shares her experiences of the day and her aspirations for the future.

Sumayya Uptree jp morgan

Sumayya is studying Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Chemistry at A-level

How did you prepare for your event?

I researched J.P. Morgan Chase & Co - understanding the firm, what they do, and learning about their main ethics and values.

JPM Overview

Introduction during the event

It was fascinating to read about the company’s emphasis on only investing in businesses that have a sustainable and moral outlook, and how this was in-line with their aim to adopt a financing commitment that was aligned with the Paris Agreement on climate change. 

I researched for the event using J.P. Morgan’s website, their social media pages (including LinkedIn), and speaking to a few family-friends about their experiences when working at the firm. 

Tell us about your experience of the day

Throughout the event, there were various different speakers who all spoke about their individual experiences and stories through working at J.P. Morgan - all were fascinating to hear about.

JP Morgan introduction

As well as this, there was even time to ask them questions about their work environment, how they landed up working at J.P. Morgan, and advice about how to enter the industry.

JPM Opportunties

Personally, I most enjoyed the polls / quizzes about the different divisions within the company, because this definitely added a more informative, yet interactive side to the evening. 

It is genuinely admirable the extent to which J.P. Morgan prioritises climate change - not just speaking about the matter, but actually acting on it.

One of the most interesting facts that I learnt about J.P. Morgan during the event, is their work towards a solar-panel-powered firm in Bournemouth that will be run solely by renewable energy.

Do you have any advice for students also interested in the finance/tech industry?

Casting my mind back to early 2020, for example, I had no absolute idea what an ‘elevator pitch’ was, let alone how to conduct one; however, after a busy summer and lockdown, filled with different networking events and work experience days, networking, asking questions and speaking about myself, suddenly does not seem as daunting!

My top tip for any students interested in this industry is to talk to people - do not be hesitant to start networking!

Like learning a new skill, networking is just about perfecting your weaknesses through consistent practice. 

Uptree thanks Sumayya for sharing her insights and advice from her experience of meeting J.P. Morgan. We wish her all the best as she aims to study Economic at university and join J.P. Morgan on a graduate programme.

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By Uptree
Published on: Tue 9 Feb 2021

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