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The Benefits of an Internship

With so many career options in the modern world, an internship can really help an individual gain an authentic insight into a particular organisation or industry. Of course, the benefits are two-way and the company also enjoys the skills and views of the intern during their time together.

For the past term, Tylah and Mark have been interning with Uptree in order to gain experience in our Student Outreach and Business areas.

Here they tell us about their journey with Uptree and share what they've learnt in their time with us.

Tylah & Mark Uptree interns


Tylah has been working on the Schools Outreach Team importing data, managing social media content and student correspondence.

Before joining Uptree, Tylah had spent the previous 5 years working in the retail industry but had reached the point of realising that retail was not her ‘forever dream’.

She was ready to leave and venture onto something new but she said that the many rejection responses she received all ultimately said the same thing: 'You have a lack of experience outside of retail'.

The same thought replayed itself in her head,

How do I gain experience if no one's hiring me? That’s when I figured, why not start smaller and build from there with - An Internship! 

Learning & understanding

Only a few weeks in, Tylah said that many of the skills she had already learnt had opened her eyes into what the working world is like behind the scenes within an office instead of being at the forefront of raging retail customers all-day. 


Your current situation is not your final destination.

  • Treat every opportunity as a learning experience.

The opportunity presented to you may not be in the packaging you envisioned but it’s a stepping stone leading you further down your path.

  • Use your rejections as motivation.

The best response you can give to rejection is to develop a positive attitude and move towards something better. Don’t dwell on ‘what could have been’. Knowing that an opportunity was not for you can stimulate your determination into finding the one that is.

  • Focus on your goal.

No matter how big or small, the feeling of accomplishment is self-satisfying. Taking the first steps to accomplish something can be daunting especially when you’re looking from the start line but with continuous focus and drive, you’ll see how well the work you put in was worth it.

Next steps

Tylah explained,

I’ve always considered myself to be quite ambitious but lacked the drive to even prepare to make my ambitions a reality until now. My goal for the future is to build a career within the beauty industry. I’ve already got the passion and now, with the added experience, I’m ready to use what I have to get my foot in the door and climb that industry ladder.


Mark has been working on the Partners & Sales Team drafting reports, working on graphic designs and researching potential company partnerships across the UK.

As a final year undergraduate student, Mark was looking to get some work experience before graduating but also to contribute to a meaningful cause and whilst gaining exposure to something new and different.

Why Uptree?

Mark said that he was attracted to the idea of a company taking an innovative approach to promoting greater equity within the job market in the UK. He added,

It seemed to me that their work in reaching out to students from parts of society traditionally under-represented in many job industries and connecting them to career opportunities was something really worth getting involved in. 

Learning & understanding

Mark told us that he has found a deep satisfaction contributing to something that has a concrete impact on students’ lives across the UK. He has been able to get involved in multiple areas of work and develop skills quickly which is a superb professional experience to add to his CV.

I really enjoy the work environment here! Everyone has been super friendly and welcoming - this has made it easy to assimilate into the office and become a part of the team. 

Mark with team

Mark in one of the Uptree offices


I would advise students of any age to chase whatever opportunities they can for doing things outside of the classroom.

Whether it’s interning or volunteering, these kinds of things can be meaningful personal experiences, valuable additions to your CV, and a wonderful way to learn a bit more about the world.

It’s great for your development as a student, as an up-and-coming working professional, and as a person. 

Next steps

Mark's primary goal is to find a job after graduating university. In particular, he's looking to get into work at organisations involved in changing society for the better, in either the non-profit sector or the corporate social responsibility sector; a lot like Uptree, he says!


Tylah and Mark both came to Uptree with different backgrounds and career goals. What they have in common is the motivation to try something new and make a difference in society.

Through these character traits, they have gained skills and experiences that are transferable to any industry and career: perseverance, working in a fast-paced environment, attention to detail and how to co-operate in a team.

Uptree wishes both Tylah and Mark all the best in their future career endeavours - it has been a pleasure having you as part of the team this term.

If you're a student and want to learn more about Uptree you can visit our website: