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Why now is a great time to invest in autumn work experience agendas

With the autumn term fast approaching, students and proactive employers alike are thinking forward to how they can continue to engage in early careers work experience. For students, opportunities to participate are vital to their professional development. For employers, if they want to reach the best, most diverse pools of talent, work experience days are a beeline to achieving this.

Here are four reasons why it’s more important than ever to be involved in the early careers space.

#1 Building brand image 

Organisations already planning their autumn work experience agendas are supporting students through a time where their career opportunities may seem very uncertain. With 61% of employers cancelling some or all work experience this summer, students are looking to companies standing out from the crowd and persisting with their early careers programmes. 

uncertain times

Times are uncertain for students right now and supporting them with work experience and opportunities is vital to their career aspects

Companies engaging students right now are maintaining their relationship with young people, instead of risking disappearing off their radar. 

Creating and delivering an effective work experience programme boosts an organisation's image and subsequently leads to more students wanting to apply. In the future, these companies will have the pick of the best talent out there, having maintained their relationship during an uncertain time. 

#2 The digital world 

This year has marked a change in the way we work forever and has signalled a shift towards home and digital working. 

For most of us who are experiencing the move to online, we know how important having a knowledge of online etiquette is – as it’s a reality that many of us will not be returning to an office for some time. 

For students looking to the future, these skills will be vital in securing roles and successfully entering the world of work. Taking part in online work experience days and having exposure to professionals online will mean that the next generation of talent will enter employment with confidence in the digital realm.

digital era

Companies that persevere with their early careers programmes will stand out from the crowd and boost their brand image with students

Not only does this save money when it comes to hiring in the future, it also enables companies to build relationships early on with students, further cementing their positive brand image. 

#3 Work without geographical limitations

Whilst work experience enables companies to engage with the best talent, currently running these opportunities online also enables organisations and industries to reach a bigger pool of students without geographical limitations, broadening the reach for diverse talent. 

#4 The new academic year

As the new academic year fast approaches, there is no better time to retain a relationship with students, help stop the skills gap widening and support young people through this uncertain time by offering a range of different work experience opportunities.

With so much remaining uncertain over the coming months, one thing is clear - we must continue to support young people when it comes to early careers. We can do this by providing high quality, inspiring outcomes through virtual work experience that has positive results for everyone involved.

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