What is it?

Insurance is a means of financial protection in case anything goes wrong in a number of contexts such as medical, property and finance.
Working in insurance requires you to either sell insurance packages to clients, provide consultation and / or predict the likelihood of an event happening.

What skills do you need?

Analytical ➕ Communication ➕ Customer Service ➕ Quick learner ➕ Professionalism ➕ Strong maths


  • Aon
  • AIG
  • Aviva
  • Zurich
  • Direct Line
  • Allianz SE

Salary range

  • Recent grad - £32,000
  • Actuary - £51,000
  • Department manager - £95,000
  • Chief Actuary - £206,000
  • Claims broker: £35,000+
  • Risk Analyst: £41,603 (£70,000+ with 10+ years of experience)

What qualifications do you need?

GCSEs & A Levels. It is nice to have a degree in economics, finance, statistics, mathematics, stats, business or chartered qualification

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Pathway options / different routes in / next steps

  • Advance Degree
  • Training courses
  • Apprenticeships are widely available for this field

Helpful tips

  • Be great in your niche rather than be a generalist
  • Learn from experienced co-workers
  • Having a degree in anything can get you into insurance

Job roles

  • Actuary
  • Claims broker
  • Risk Analyst

Current Opportunities

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