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PwC's Virtual Classroom: November and December sessions

Thursday, December 3, 2020



We’re really excited to bring you the latest instalment of PwC’s Virtual Classroom - a virtual programme open to students between Years 10 and 13, Years 11 to 14 in Northern Ireland and S3 to S6 in Scotland. The programme combines both live and pre-recorded content.  

The Agenda

This month, PwCs Virtual Classroom sessions will focus on racial equality, social mobility and gender equality. You’ll also have the chance to engage with a range of PwC ambassadors through the interactive live sessions, whilst having the flexibility to watch and listen to the recorded sessions at a time best suited to you each week. We recognise that you’ll continue to have school or college commitments during the four-week period so we’ve made the virtual programme as flexible as possible. The sessions are as follows:

Thursday 19 November         The importance of racial equality

Thursday 26 November         The importance of social mobility

Thursday 3 December           The importance of gender equality

Thursday 3 December           Parents and Influencers Event: The importance of diversity

How do I Sign Up?

Click 'apply here' to the right to sign up. You’ll need to pre-register for each session in advance - the link for each session will be sent to you with the confirmation once you’ve registered for each event. All live sessions will start at 4.30 pm and will last for approximately 50 minutes.

Who should sign up?

These sessions are open to all students between Years 10 and 13, Years 11 to 14 in Northern Ireland and S3 to S6 in Scotland!

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