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CPD: looking at the future of applications

Support and advice for university applications seems endless but how much is out there for students who’ve chosen a different path? This term’s CPD focused on the different parts of the application processes that students will soon be facing as they apply for 2021’s apprenticeships and early careers opportunities.

For the 2021 intake, many companies are moving their application processes mostly, or entirely online. Students need to learn how to present themselves professionally in these circumstances, as well as how to showcase their skills well during online group exercises.

We were proud to welcome 23 education professionals from schools and colleges across the country online to learn more about applications and the support we can provide at Uptree.

After introductions, we looked at a breakdown of all the different aspects of applications processes, before going into more detail.

CPD Assessment Centres

Teachers and Careers Leads share their experiences of assessment centres

As a group, we had a go at some ‘Logical Reasoning’ tests, so participants could see the sort of thing their students might be facing. 

We also looked at interview techniques, job simulation and assessment centres, drawing on the experience of participants to see how varied these experiences can be. 

CPD Start

The session also gave a brief overview of Uptree's mission and vision

As a final note, we took everyone through a tour of our website as a student - showing how students can explore different work experience and masterclass events and how our application process works. 

Do you have students applying for early careers or apprenticeship opportunities? We would encourage everybody to come along to an Uptree work experience day to get a feel for what online events might involve and what employers will be looking for. We’re also running a new series of after-school workshops, Get Employed.

We will be back with more CPD sessions in February. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Uptree and how we can support you and your students, please contact the Education Team schools@uptree.co or by calling +44 7395 795524

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Published on: Thu 12 Nov 2020

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