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How the Uptree Careers Curriculum supports students

We wanted to set activities for our Year 10 & 12 who are about to embark on huge transitions. The Employability Skills Careers Curriculum will help us in our planning of these activities for young people and their families.

- Feedback from an Uptree partner school

The Uptree School Partnership Programme offers many perks, one highlight of which is the opportunity to request the free termly Careers Curriculum (ages 14+). 

Overview of employability skills curriculum

The Careers Curriculum consists of 3 units that our partner schools can choose from:

  1. STEAM Careers

  2. Professional Services

  3. Employability Skills.

Each unit contains 12 weeks of fully-resourced, student-led, stand-alone lessons which are packed full of independent learning activities and industry links. These lessons are perfect to deliver during PSHE sessions or tutor times; they’ve also been a superb resource to send to students during this time of remote learning.  

These lessons support students in 3 key ways: 

1. Lessons contain labour market information (LMI)

Each unit of our Careers Curriculum includes industry links using content from our employer partners. These lessons allow students to receive up-to-date LMI that they can use to inform their own decisions about the career path they want to take.

This means that our Careers Curriculum also helps your school meet Gatsby Benchmark 2. These industry links will leave students feeling inspired and give them the tools they need to research different companies and careers that they are interested in. 

Industry information Arm

Arm is a leading technology company and collaborates with Uptree to provide work experience events and a series of tech lessons

2. Students are in charge of their own learning

Our lessons give students the opportunity to tailor their learning to the careers, roles and companies they are interested in. Each research task can be tailored to their own interests - if they want to research particular roles, they can! This will allow the students to feel more in charge of their future and they can use this learning time to really look into their individual career paths and get what they want out of the learning experience.

Example of a degree-apprenticeship opportunity

Example of a PwC degree-apprenticeship opportunity

3. Students develop their skills 

The lessons also give students the time and opportunity to develop their employability skills that are transferable across many different industries.

Examples of skills that students practise over the 3 different lessons are:

  • Internet research 

  • Reflective learning 

  • Independent enquiry 

  • Creative thinking 

  • Application writing 

Overall, the Careers Curriculum helps to build students’ confidence. By giving them the tools they need to research different careers and by allowing students the opportunity to reflect on their own skills and strengths. The Careers Curriculum helps install confidence in students so they can feel more positive about their future.

If you are interested in becoming a partner school and gaining access to our Careers Curriculum (and other benefits), please get in touch with the Education Team at