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Safeguarding at Uptree: how we ensure your students’ safety online

At Uptree we always work with young people in mind. This means that not only do we aim to support every student to pursue the career of their dreams but also that we are mindful of their safety during their time with us.

Moving to an online delivery model has meant that we have been constantly updating our safeguarding policy to ensure we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of the young people we work with. Read on to learn more about exactly what we are doing and how it makes a difference.

Application and entry to the workshops

Students must register for all Uptree events where we collect relevant information which is protected in line with GDPR and Uptree’s data protection policy. Student numbers are limited in each event and the majority of events involve a selection process. 

Uptree events are limited to young people over the age of 16. We do not accept students on our events who are under 16. We are accepting pilot sessions for under 16s but these must be booked directly through the school and camera use is not permitted.

Uptree Profiles 

To attend an online work experience or application masterclass event, students need an Uptree profile, which must include their name, contact details, emergency contact and school. In the cases where the school is an Uptree partner, we can use this information to inform the school that one of their students will be taking part. We also inform emergency contacts of the event one week in advance. 

An example student profile

Online session behaviour

Each online session is supervised by a DBS or PVG checked member of the Uptree Team who can keep an eye on student behaviour - we have a zero-tolerance attitude to inappropriate behaviour and have the right to remove anyone behaving inappropriately from a session. Any inappropriate behaviour may also be followed up with the student’s school or the appropriate authorities, where necessary. For more details on what constitutes inappropriate behaviour, please see our full online events safeguarding policy

We have an absolute minimum number of three people (including adults and young people) in any session, whether this is a breakout group or a student staying for extra support at the end of a workshop. 

Cameras & Images

Whilst Uptree believes that being able to see each other boosts interaction, we respect the choice of students to keep their cameras turned off. Any student using their camera inappropriately during a session will have it disabled.

Students are not permitted to take photos or screenshots during the session. Any relevant materials, as well as session screenshots taken by the Uptree team, will be sent out after the event. Screenshots may be used for publicity purposes; however, all participants are informed of this in pre-session communications where they have the opportunity to opt out. 

Sessions using Zoom are recorded for safeguarding purposes and are stored on the Uptree server for 90 days, unless any incident requires otherwise. Upon entry to a Zoom workshop, students must click through a recording permission box.

Summer Careers Course Screenshot


Students are told to change their names at the start of the session to something less identifiable. If they do not do this, this is done by a member of the Uptree Team. For instance, Jane Smith would have their name changed to Jane S. Nevertheless, students are permitted to share their name in the chat for instance to network on LinkedIn if they wish. This is not encouraged or suggested by Uptree but is something students may choose to do.

All other student data collected for monitoring purposes is kept private under the Uptree data protection policy.

ASN/SEND Students

In their application, students can report any additional needs they have. A member of the Uptree Team will be in touch in advance of the event to see what extra support can be provided. This can include the invitation of a support worker to the session and early admission to meet the workshop presenter.

Screenshot of Arm work experience day (online)

At Uptree we want all students to feel that they are in a safe, comfortable, and professional environment when taking part in any of our events, including those held online. If any student, teacher, parent, or staff member feels that anything has taken place which has or could put a young person at risk, they should immediately contact us directly at

We will respond to all messages within one working day and, if necessary, involve the relevant authorities as soon as possible. 

You can read more about Uptree’s online safeguarding and data protection in our relevant policies.