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What is an Uptree assembly?

Uptree assemblies last 20 minutes and are delivered by one of our talented presenters via the digital platform of your choice (eg MS Teams or Zoom).

The assembly gives an introduction to Uptree and our upcoming opportunities with our employer partners, as well as other ways students can boost their skills and become more employable.

We can deliver either to students logged in on individual devices, a number of different classrooms or all your students in a hall - whatever best meets your needs.

Don't have space in your timetable? Request our assembly video to send out to students, host on your website or show in class.

Book an Uptree assembly

Eg: St Mark's School, Manchester

Assemblies must be booked at least two weeks in advance

We recommend 20 minutes per assembly

Please give the approximate number of students attending the assembly

Please select the preferred digital platform to host your assembly