What is an Uptree workshop?

Uptree virtual workshops last 45-75 minutes and are delivered by one of our talented presenters via the digital platform of your choice (eg MS Teams or Zoom).

Workshops are available in a number of options, each allowing your students to develop their skills and learn more about the world of work:

  • General Employability
  • Careers in: STEM/Business & Finance/Law/Professional Services
  • Introduction to Apprenticeships

We can deliver either to students logged in on individual devices or all from the same classroom or hall - whatever best meets your needs.

Can't find what you're looking for? Check out our online courses to see if there's something that meets your needs.

Book an Uptree workshop

Eg: St Mark's School, Manchester

Please select which workshop you would like. If you would like multiple workshops, select other.

Workshops must be booked at least two weeks in advance

Workshops can be 45-75 minutes in duration

Please give the approximate number of students attending the workshop

Please select the preferred digital platform to host your assembly