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Student view: Being an Uptree ambassador

"Unique. Uptree encourages students to take control of their own careers and that is one of their greatest qualities."

This is how Uptree Ambassador, Patrick Ntiamoah, describes Uptree! To give you an insight into all the ways YOU can get involved and make the most of our professional network, we interviewed our Year 13 ambassador...

How did your Uptree journey begin?

My first involvement with the organisation was at the Google #FuturesUP in 2019, in the capacity as an ambassador, assisting the team with managing the sessions on the day. This event in particular was extremely impactful for me because because it was brilliant to hear from inspirational people such as Regina Oladipo who shared her personal story with us and this strongly motivated me.'

What is your favourite part of Uptree?

The opportunities it gives students to attend amazing insight days at companies such as IBM, PwC, and UBS etc. These events have played a leading role in my desire to go down the apprenticeship route as opposed to the traditional university route because I have been exposed to the amazing opportunities which are available to me, post -18.

What skills have you learnt with Uptree?

Through my attendance of these events, I have become well-equipped with key skills important in succeeding within any industry. For instance, I have massively improved in how I communicate my ideas to others, improving my ability to network with professionals which is vital in the process of developing your career. Without Uptree I would not have been put in the environment to exercise and improve this vital skill.

In addition to this, the opportunities which Uptree has provided me with, has dramatically improved my ability to speak in front of a group of people, which has most definitely improved my all-round confidence.

What has been the highlight of your time as an Uptree Ambassador?

One of my greatest moments with Uptree, and a perfect example of the plethora of opportunities available, was in my role as a Moderator for the careers panel at the most recent #FuturesUp event at Google.

Patrick Moderator FuturesUP

This was one of my highlights of the year because it was truly an amazing experience and something which I had never done before!

Without Uptree, I doubt I would have been given the opportunity to do so at this stage.

Have your Ambassador experiences allowed you to help other students?

The Uptree platform has encouraged me to share these experience with others, in particular the current Year 12s in my school, encouraging them to explore the wider careers available post -18 as well as to take up every single opportunity which comes their as it would positively benefit them.

Your future?

It has been a real privilege to have the constant support of the Uptree, always alerting me when new opportunities which may be beneficial to me. With the skills, which they have contributed to equipping me, I feel that I can be a game-changer within my chosen industry. 

Closing thoughts

Uptree is very proud of Patrick and all our other ambassadors - they play an integral part in inspiring other young people to be the best version of themselves and improve their employability skills and confidence.

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If you'd like to find out about what work experience opportunities are coming in your local area, check out 'events' on your Uptree account or visit us here.