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How FuturesUP supports student outreach and engagement

The post-school journey for young people is a crucial juncture, making a decision that can significantly shape their life path. Recognising the importance of this transition, we are thrilled to introduce you to our multi-industry careers event, FuturesUP. It is positioned to revolutionise the landscape of student outreach and engagement, acting as a bridge between potential and possibilities.

FuturesUP spotlights the concrete pathways that young individuals in Year 12 and 13 can pave, uncovering a multitude of opportunities ripe for exploration and showcasing the practical routes that lead to employment. This is done through a series of activities including speed networking, employability workshops and employer stalls.

Employers have the exclusive opportunity to play a pivotal role in this event. Attending FuturesUP allows you to actively support the future leaders, it gives you a chance to influence aspirations and a platform to establish meaningful connections.

Here is why FuturesUP is your next strategic move:

You can showcase your company culture and raise brand awareness

FuturesUP is an experience that allows young individuals to gain insights into your organisation’s culture and values. The event offers an opportunity to vividly paint a picture of your organisation’s identity, resonating with young minds seeking alignment with workplaces that mirror their aspirations.

Taking part in FuturesUP is not just about being present as a member of your organisation; it is a tangible demonstration of your commitment to supporting the future workforce and progressing your sector. This engagement gives you the opportunity to highlight your brand’s essence, shed light on your industry’s dynamics and showcase the unique opportunities your company offers.

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Your participation in the event puts your company on a pedestal, differentiating you as a pioneer in fostering emerging talent and driving growth. It is a strategic step that signals your willingness to invest in the potential of young minds, emphasising your role as a guiding force that fuels innovation and shapes the industry’s direction.

“The students were fantastic and were clearly well prepared with questions. I’ve already seen some of the really positive feedback through LinkedIn and I’m glad it was successful. We’re looking forward to hearing more. Credit to the Uptree team, who (as ever) were incredibly well organised and hosted a brilliant event. The agenda, structure and management through the rooms with the support given to the students worked perfectly.” - Michael Murray, Equitix, 2021

You can engage and network with emerging talent

In the lively atmosphere of FuturesUP, you will encounter a pool of promising talent - young minds charged with curiosity, ambition and untapped potential. It gives you the opportunity to connect with emerging talent, kickstart conversations that could fuel innovation, foster relationships that might evolve into long lasting connections and contribute to social mobility by opening doors for aspiring individuals from diverse backgrounds who would not otherwise be familiar with these opportunities.

At our multi-industry careers event, you are at the forefront of fostering the next generation of leaders. Your active participation places you at the heart of aspirational growth, engaging with young people who have the opportunity to become driving forces in their preferred industries. By participating in the event, you are not just aligning with emerging talent, but becoming a catalyst for their growth and development.

“We had a wonderful level of interest yesterday. Around 4 students are seriously considering the graduate apprenticeship route, what a result. Really insightful and well put together” - Uptree teacher, 2023


You can share insights and experiences

Sharing insights, offering advice and showcasing your journey becomes a beacon of guidance for your people standing at crossroads. Your experience becomes a roadmap that they can follow as they navigate their career paths. Such mentorship carries importance as it leaves a lasting impact on young minds.

In the spirit of mutual growth, FuturesUP provides the opportunity for reverse mentoring. Employers and employees generously give back, connecting with the communities in which their business operates. At the same time, employers have the opportunity to hear fresh perspectives from the next generation of talent.

As part of this experience, young participants gain access to invaluable insights and expertise from accomplished individuals across various industries through speed networking-style sessions as mentioned above.

Mentoring and reverse mentoring fuel personal and professional growth but also fosters meaningful connections between aspiring young individuals and accomplished professionals. In this way, we can also demonstrate the power of shared knowledge and the bridge-building potential between different career stages.

“With employability events such as FuturesUP, I have learnt how to be more confident in making a good, professional impression, and applying those employability and transferable skills that I have learned at school to a professional environment. “ - Hilma, Uptree student, 2022

FuturesUP opens doors for employers to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering social mobility and facilitating the discovery of future leaders. In the past year, we had more than 220 young people attend our FuturesUP events from 115 schools across the UK.

More than 80% of the attendees said that the events affected their perceptions of apprenticeships positively and more than 90% of the attendees found the events useful in helping them understand different career pathways. FuturesUP is a platform that goes beyond a simple event, offering the chance to make meaningful connections that can shape both your company's growth and the aspirations of upcoming generations.

In case you are an employer who is interested in joining our future career events, please register your interest.

By Uptree
Published on: Thu 17 Aug 2023

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