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Student view: A work experience day with GoConstruct (Tideway)

A STEM Careers Day with GoConstruct

When Sonia first found out that she'd got a place at GoConstruct's work experience day with Tideway, she was 'pretty nervous' about going alone as she didn't usually attend such events.

Sonia GoConstruct

But she was glad she did go - even though it took her an hour to get there!

Sonia said the event '...allowed me to open up and communicate with new people and to socialise with professional people. I learnt lots of things such as how to get into the area of work I want, how to introduce myself to different people and how the world of construction works. It was a very valuable experience for me and everyone I met have been extremely helpful and kind. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who is considering attending an event for construction!'

Tideway Work Experience Activities

Uptree asked Sonia about the activities on the day. She was most impressed with Tideway inspirational speaker Tom who told the attendees about the Tideway project and what he does on a daily basis. Tom also explained a lot about the construction and engineering industry and what careers there are available.

Next, there was a networking session with the professionals where they talked about their experiences in small groups.

Sonia Tideway Networking

Sonia and the other students were then taken on a tour of the Tideway building, which consisted of an office area, a 3D cube which had a VR experience of the Thames Tunnel and the roof which had an amazing view of the construction site. 

The day then came to a close with a final quiz and survey and Sonia was given a complimentary fleece by the company!


We asked Sonia what advice she has for you if you're interested in attending a work experience day with Uptree or GoConstruct. She said

Take notes about the things you learn about and the websites that are mentioned! I wrote all my notes on my phone which is very convenient as I can look at things such as apprenticeships on the go.

I’d also suggest that being on time is key to making a good impression; there’s nothing worse than arriving late because you also end up missing out on your session... research the location and see what’s around in the area so when you arrive, there’s a decreased chance of you being late. To make the most of their day, don't be afraid of asking questions or asking for an email address as this information could be so important in the future! 

Next Steps

To find out more about GoConstruct and their work experience days in your area, click here.

You can also watch their overview video to find out more: or follow them on LinkedIn here or on Twitter, @GoConstructUK .