☎️ Marketing

πŸ€” What is it?

Marketing consists of the informing of consumers about your product and the persuading of these consumers to buy your product or service over competitors.
In the marketing industry there are two type of roles; client side roles and agency roles.

πŸ’ͺ What skills do you need?

Interpersonal communication βž• Comprehensive writing and analytical ability βž• Creativity and intuition individually and as part of a team βž• Negotiation skills βž• Commercial nous.

🏒 Companies

  • Krow communications ltd are a top digital marketing agency within london and Unilever are an example of a company that focus on inhouse marketing.
  • πŸ’° Salary range

  • Entry level: Β£29,000 (0-5 years)
  • Mid Career: Β£35,000 (5-10 years)
  • Experienced: Β£41,000 (10-20 years)
  • Late Career: Β£44,000 (>20 years)

  • πŸ† What qualifications do you need?

    A-levels (or equivalent) usually required but no specific requirements but useful to have: Business studies or Media studies. Degree Courses: Marketing or Business management

    πŸ”— Link to blog / stories linking to this industry / link to uptree events etc

  • https://university.which.co.uk/subjects/marketing
  • https://www.prospects.ac.uk/

  • πŸƒ Pathway options / different routes in / next steps

  • Marketing Apprenticeships
  • Marketing Degrees
  • Marketing internships

  • πŸ’‘ Helpful tips

    Marketing executives are generally office based but often have to meet with clients, partner organisations and suppliers. They frequently attend a range of events and exhibitions.
    Self-employment or freelance work is possible, although this is more common for experienced marketing professionals.

    😬 FAQ

    The average salary for a marketing director is Β£86,165. Certain sectors offer higher wages and so pay increases may come with moving sectors rather than having lots of experience in one area.
    Gaining relevant pre-entry work experience is very helpful, either via vacation work, placements, job shadowing or part-time work. Some of the larger employers may offer students paid summer placements. Any job that offers experience of sales, customer service, market research or public relations will be helpful for marketing roles.

    πŸ‘” Job roles

  • Brand manager
  • Business analyst
  • Digital marketing executive
  • Account director
  • Data planner
  • Market researcher
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