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Case study: Ogilvy

Working with Ogilvy

Global advertising agency Ogilvy wanted to help school leavers find out more about the world of advertising and the different career possibilities there are in the industry. They particularly wanted to connect with students from BAME or low-income backgrounds, groups who traditionally might not consider working in advertising.

The Uptree network

We were able to promote Ogilvy (and its careers events and apprenticeship opportunities) in our student newsletters (c. 10k students), and our weekly teacher newsletters. Other outreach activity included creating content for two Ogilvy-focused Careers Curriculum lessons, which reached 15k students.

Uptree delivered assemblies and workshops about Ogilvy to 1,134 students across 17 schools. All the schools in our network are state schools, with over 20% of their students receiving free school meals.

Making connections happen

Ogilvy has so far hosted one insight day, and also taken part in a FuturesUp event, enabling the agency to engage with 189 diverse students from 69 schools.

The average audience at these events were:

  • 32% on free school meals
  • 69% female 31% male
  • 81% BAME

What our students thought:

Ogilvy taught me that everyone has a unique mind that contributes to wonderful creative ideas

Sooooo many possible careers within design, they’re always looking for creative people. I now know there’s careers that will pay me for something I enjoy doing anyways

Challenging perceptions

95.5% of students said that the events were extremely or very helpful in helping them understand careers in advertising.

95.5% of students said that they would definitely consider working at Ogilvy in the Future.

On average, 50% of students thought Ogilvy was an attractive place to work before attending an event. After events, 95.5% of students in attendance thought Ogilvy was extremely or very attractive to work for - a 91% increase.