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Event description

Please note: this event is an online session in accordance with our current company policy regarding public health and hosting events. 
There are 60 spaces available for this event, and all students are welcome to register, regardless of location. You will just need a reliable internet connection or be able to telephone dial-in. Please make sure you have access to Zoom from your chosen device.


You might not have thought too much about your future career yet. Or it could be that you’ve already set your heart on a certain path. But if you’re looking to be part of a challenging environment where everyone is empowered to be themselves, you should definitely consider a legal career with a leading global firm – Clifford Chance. Join Clifford Chance for this exciting online work experience day to learn more about a career in law, solve some legal problems and meet legal professionals.

This event will particularly focus on Clifford Chances ACCESS scheme, information about the scheme and applying to it. You'll also get to meet the recruiters!


Your day could look like... 

  • Welcome from Uptree
  • Introduction to Clifford Chance, the Law Profession and the ACCESS scheme
  • An inspiring speaker and Q&A by a recent trainee 
  • Break
  • An introduction to litigation and dispute resolution with a Clifford Chance Lawyer
  • Speed networking with Clifford Chance (Career Carousel)
  • The ACCESS application process, tips and advice on applying 

Who should attend?

  • Year 12 students who will be applying for the Clifford Chance ACCESS Scheme, are available to attend the scheme between 1st - 4th August 2022 and are eligible. 

In order to apply to Clifford Chance ACCESS, you must meet the following qualifying criteria:

You are in Year 12 (England and Wales), S5 (Scotland) or Lower Sixth (Northern Ireland)

You are attending, and have attended from age 11, a state-funded, non-fee-paying school/college 

You grew up in a household where no parent or guardian attended university.

In addition, you must also meet one or more of the following criteria:

You are currently in receipt of or have previously received, free school meals, Pupil Premium, Education Maintenance Allowance and/or a 16 to 19 Bursary

You are attending a school or college with a:

a) below average A-level or Higher point score; and/or
b) low rate of progression to higher education

You have been, or are currently, in local authority care (for a period of three months or longer)

You are or have been, a full-time or part-time carer

 You came to the UK as a refugee or asylum seeker.

Note: Young people who meet the local authority care criterion do not need to meet any other criterion.

Next steps:

-  Register for this interactive online session via your Uptree account - there are only 60 spaces available, so register early to increase your chances of being selected. 

- Priority will be given to those students who meet the criteria listed above.

- Prioritisation will begin 2 weeks before the event date; if you register after this time, you might not receive a response from Uptree. 

- Successful applicants will receive an invitation 1-2 weeks before the event date.

-  If you have not heard from us 7 days before the event date, your application is, unfortunately, unsuccessful for this event. 

Photo and video consent
At any Uptree event, including those held online using video conferencing software, we may take photographs or video footage for the purpose of marketing. These images may appear on our website, social media and press releases to create awareness of our brand. We may also share the photographs with our partner companies for them to share across social media. By registering for an event with Uptree, you are permitting Uptree to take/use photographs of you and share them with our partners. If you would not like us to take photographs of you, please let us know by emailing the name of the event and your name to
Please note that due to online safeguarding policies and to protect all students’ privacy, pictures and screenshots are not allowed to be taken during the session. If you would like to post about your experience on LinkedIn or other social channels, we will be sharing photos from the event in a follow-up email and you are more than welcome to use and share these.
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