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Get Employed: Writing a Winning Application online

Tuesday, March 23, 2021
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


This webinar is part of the Get Employed: Apprenticeship Application Course. 

Get Employed is a first-class course combining webinars and workshops to support you through every stage of your apprenticeship application, from reading the job description and writing the application, through to the assessment centre and how to make the best start in your new role.

Choose from a variety of workshops and webinars, attend your selected 1 hour sessions from October - March, complete your Get Employed course.

Experienced facilitators will give tailored advice and guidance in weekly sessions. You also have the chance to learn from the experiences of successful Uptree Alumni who are current apprentices with a range of companies such as CGI, Morgan Stanley and Accenture.

Make the most of your applications and feel confident in applying to your dream role.

Places are limited for each session so register early to secure your place.

Writing a Winning Application

This webinar will cover:

  • Introduction to Get Employed
  • Explore what your skills are and how to showcase them
  • How to break down a job description
  • The differences between a cover letter and an application statement
  • Putting it all together with top tips from Uptree partners

Who should attend?

Students who are applying for work or an apprenticeship starting in 2021.

In line with Uptree's values to support diversity and inclusivity, we will be prioritising students who come from under-represented backgrounds, as detailed in the application questions. The information you provide is confidential, as detailed in our privacy policy

All information shared in these sessions is based on the experiences of Uptree Alumni and facilitators, and does not represent the views of other organisations. 

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