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Who are Arm?

Haven’t heard of Arm before? If you have a smartphone, digital camera, digital TV, gaming console or a smart meter at home, you’ve already used an Arm powered product. See, you do know them. Their technology is literally transforming the way people live their lives. Arm are intrinsic to the development of technology in billions of products, which touch the lives of more than 80% of the world's population. From bankers to farmers, students to surgeons, and start-ups to leading companies, Arm are bringing people and devices increasingly together as we shape the connected world.

Register Your Interest 

Knowledge is power. And who knows more about digitalising the world than you, who was born into a digital world? That’s why Arm respects the capabilities of young people and wants to invite you to register your interest in their upcoming opportunities. 

Any year 12 or 13 student who is interested in finding out more about Arm and their future careers opportunities can register their interest now on their website, and is invited to explore their careers portal more generally. 


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