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Driving Early Careers initiatives through school and student engagement

In today’s evolving job market, the importance of establishing strong connections between employers and the younger generation to support their future plans can’t be overstated. As the nature of work undergoes seismic shifts, companies are becoming more aware of the significance of Early Career engagement at the grassroots level.

In this blog, we will delve into the vital role of school and student engagement in fostering fruitful relationships between employers and emerging talent. We will also explore how Uptree is at the forefront of bridging this gap and tries to revolutionise the way business and Early Careers talent interact.

School engagement

Importance of school engagement

Schools play a crucial role in helping students navigate their future careers. They provide a nurturing and structured environment for students to develop essential skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are vital for future employment. It’s no surprise then that engaging students at this grassroots level can help employers shape their future talent pool and nurture a pipeline of skills professionals. Investing in the development of young minds fosters innovation and introduces fresh perspectives into the workplace.

Students talking to employers

Student outreach initiatives delivered through schools provide companies with the opportunity to establish their brand and values early on, attracting top talent that resonates with the company's values and mission. Young people can be provided with invaluable insights on different industries and careers, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their futures.

By connecting with employers during their school years, young individuals can enhance their skill set and increase their employability. Exposure to a real-world work environment at an early stage can inspire and motivate them, leading to improved academic performance and a stronger sense of purpose.

Connections with schools can also support employers with engaging those students in hard to reach areas, promoting social mobility, bridging educational gaps, and contributing to building a more equitable and inclusive society. Through tailored programmes and outreach, barriers can be broken down so that young people who face socio-economic challenges or geographical constraints feel empowered to learn about and explore careers.

By facilitating these connections and providing support to its Employer Eartners, Uptree’s work is making a significant impact in ensuring equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their background or location. Our efforts contribute to the overall goal of creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce that benefits both employers and students.

"Uptree supports Schroders' student engagement strategy on a regional level. There’s been a specific focus on raising awareness of our Operations Academy and apprenticeship programme in Horsham, an area that has been challenging for us in the past. Our work with Uptree has connected us with talented young people – through work experience events, helping us to engage with female talent and promote career opportunities within our company."
- Lauren, Early Careers Recruitment Specialist, 2022

Student engagement

From classroom to boardroom

As mentioned above, student engagement programmes help employers to shape their future talent pool and enhance employability and, for students, serves as an opportunity for networking and industry exposure. This aspect plays an important role in preparing young people for the world of work.

Uptree students have access to a wide range of networking opportunities, whether it is attending career fairs or participating in industry-specific workshops, young individuals gain exposure to professionals from different fields. These interactions allow students to engage in meaningful conversations, ask questions and build relationships with professionals who can serve as mentors and guides throughout their educational and professional journey.

Industry exposure through student engagement programmes offers employers the opportunity to identify and nurture top talent early in their careers. Employers can utilise these engagements to showcase their company culture, values and opportunities.

Student networking with employers

The value of ageing workforce

It is important to recognise and tap into the potential of the ageing workforce. With longer life expectancies and improved health, individuals are extending their careers more than ever before. These professionals possess a wealth of experience, institutional knowledge and valuable skills honed over decades. Neglecting their potential to support the younger generation would be a missed opportunity for companies seeking a competitive edge.

By embracing the expertise and mentorship of the ageing workforce, companies can create a harmonious blend of knowledge and innovation. Pairing experienced employees with younger colleagues not only facilitates knowledge transfer but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and development. Moreover, the diverse perspectives and wealth of industry-specific insights that an ageing workforce brings can help organisations navigate challenges and seize new opportunities.

Uptree’s role in connecting employers and Early Careers talent

In the realm of student engagement and workforce development, Uptree bridges the gap between employers, students and schools. By collaborating with employers through Work Experience Days, Application Masterclasses, online courses and career events, we ensure that young people have access to industry insights, hands-on experiences and career guidance that enhances their employability and equip them with the skills demanded by the job market.

“Thank you Uptree for the informative assembly about the masterclasses and work experience available for our Sixth Form students. There are so many great opportunities for young people to gain experience in various professions. All 6th form students have been given the opportunity to sign up!”
- School partner, 2023

By connecting directly with students through our school partnerships and networks, we focus on empowering young people by providing access to valuable resources and opportunities that support their future careers. In this way, we hope to be able to reshape the landscape of student engagement, empowering both employers and the next generation of professionals to unlock their full potential in the ever-evolving world of work.

Another reason why we are committed to connecting students and employers is to promote diversity and inclusion. We give employers the opportunity to actively engage with those from underrepresented groups and promote equal opportunities. By exposing students to diverse industries and professionals, employers can inspire and encourage young people from all backgrounds to pursue careers in various fields.

“I found the programme extremely helpful as I felt fully prepared to start the JP Morgan Apprenticeship application. The session equipped me with all the knowledge and skills I needed for the apprenticeship. I’m also proud to announce I was able to secure a place on the scheme, it’s been very beneficial!”
- Tyra, Uptree student, 2023

Our partnerships with schools and our student network are helping employers to raise their profile amongst the younger generation, supporting DEI goals, improvising social mobility and helping them to become an employer of choice.

Contact the Uptree team today to discuss how we could connect you with our student network to support your Early Careers outreach.

By Uptree
Published on: Mon 17 Jul 2023

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